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Sharp EL-738FB Financial Calculator Reviews

Sharp EL-500 W series is a scientific calculator. It is made by the corporation and it's capable of displaying 2 lines.it is the successor to the sharp EL-500 series. According to the W series, this product supports dual-line displays multiple line playback,
chain calculation, it is similar to the Casio fx-ms series. The El-509W,EL-531W models include 272 functions,which include trigonometry functions,
logarithm functions,polar coordinate conversion , octal/hexadecimal calculations.calculations are done in 14 digits.EL-509W uses two Lr44 batteries.
EL-531 WG uses two LR44 batteries and solar cells.EL-531WH uns on one AA battery instead of two LR44 batteries.EL-500M, it is a single line version of EL-509W,
which contains only the dot matrix line. Dot matrix line only shows 11 characters. Removed functions include cubic root/power, hyperbolic trigonometry,
random dice, random integer, polar coordinate conversion,multi-line playback. The total function is 131.the keyboard is not plastic like others in the
lineup. EL-501W, it doesn't support D.A.L, EL-509W has 7-segment digit line. it only supports 8-digit mantissa display in scientific notation mode.Removed functions include last answer recall,reduction study,quotient /remainder calculation,equation playback. it gains cubic power/root, hyperbolic
trigonometry, complex number calculation.EL-506W adds matrix calculation and list calculation to EL-520W. Total 469 functions.EL-502W adds 52 physical constants,
44 unit conversions, complex number calculation. It is powered by 2 lr44 batteries. this is best calculated for business and financial students also it has a 10 digit
financial calculation

>EL-738FB  computes all time-value-of-money calculations for business and educational purposes
>it has an excellent design with high scalability and flexibility
> calculator has good performance and reasonable price
>it is manufactured in China
>power supply CR2032 battery
>New 2-line display and playback function
> It can do time-value-of-money
> it can do interest rate conversions.
> it can do Amortization calculation.
>it can do 2 variable statistics with linear regression.

This calculator weight about 6.4 ounces. this calculator has 1 Lithium Metal batteries required which are coming along with the calculator.
All I can say is you must buy this calculator if you are searching for the best calculator.

For Get more information:https://bestfinancialcalculator.com/how-to-choose-a-financial-calculator/



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